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Have an Automotive Technician Inspect Your Used Car

Call Your Automotive Service Technician Immediately after Purchasing a Used Vehicle Buying a used car is always a risk. You just never know what the previous owner did with the vehicle, or if the car salesman is being completely honest with you. However, if you know a trustworthy automotive service technician, the risks of buying […]

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Preparing Your Diesel Vehicle for Spring

Preparing Your Diesel Vehicle for Spring

Diesel Mechanics’ Tips for Avoiding Costly Auto Repair A few months back you doubtlessly did your best to winterize your diesel vehicle—and for good reason! Winter driving conditions can be incredibly harsh on a vehicle, and it’s best to be prepared if you don’t want to accrue a large and entirely avoidable auto repair bill. […]

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Took my truck in to have LED driving lights installed. Goose was the only shop that would do them for me. Not only did I get my truck back sooner than expected the price was less than originally quoted! Very good workmanship and I’ll be back for Sure!

Steven Goerzen
Bonnyville ,Ab