Have an Automotive Technician Inspect Your Used Car

Have an Automotive Technician Inspect Your Used Car

Call Your Automotive Service Technician Immediately after Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Buying a used car is always a risk. You just never know what the previous owner did with the vehicle, or if the car salesman is being completely honest with you. However, if you know a trustworthy automotive service technician, the risks of buying a used vehicle are greatly diminished. A good mechanic will be able to inspect your new purchase and tell you if there is anything you should get replaced, any irreparable damage, or any other information you should know about your “new” car. Just make sure to get it checked it within the return period!

Don’t DIY This One

There are many things a car owner can do themselves, but a used car inspection is not one of them. It may look fine on the lot or in your driveway, and it may feel and sound good while you’re driving. At first glance, everything might even look good under the hood, in the car, and underneath the car. but if there are hidden problems, you’ll need a qualified automotive service technician to give the vehicle a thorough inspection.

Why It’s Important

Automotive technicians have the tools and experience to do much more than the average driver. They can also attach a scanning device to the vehicle’s onboard computer which will give them any error codes associated with the vehicle. For example, if the previous owner traded the car to the dealership with the check engine light on, and the dealership covered it up instead of fixing the problem, your mechanic will know it. Sometimes a used car will be fine, but your mechanic will be able to tell if a part will need to be replaced in the next few months. You may not want to make the purchase if you’ll have to pay another thousand dollars in four months’ time, so information like this is important to know up front.

It’s Worth Your Time and Money

You will have to pay for the inspection, and you may not even keep the vehicle afterwards, but it could be much worse. You could purchase the car without having it inspected by an independent automotive service technician and find out too late that there are many expensive problems in need of major repair. Alberta gives some rights to buyers of vehicles, but buyer’s remorse is not one of them. It is better to pay a little extra upfront and have peace of mind than to avoid it and get stuck with a massive bill later on.