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Diesel Performance Products


In need of diesel power products?

When you use a diesel-powered truck in Alberta’s oil fields, that truck isn’t just a tool or asset. That truck is your companion, your co-pilot, and your greatest ally. You rely on it, day in and day out, to haul supplies and equipment from A to B. To keep it working with you through thick and thin, you need to keep on top of regular maintenance and repairs. And when it comes to replacement parts and new components, you can’t just stick any old part in there and call it a day. You need to give it not only the best diesel power products, but the right ones too – the ones that will work in perfect harmony with the rest of the truck to coax the best possible performance out of it.

In other words, you need our automotive repair experts at Goose Maintenance. Our selection of reliable, high-performance diesel power products is matched only by our knowledge of how to help you find the perfect products for your truck; the parts that take it from zero to hero in no time flat.

From complete engines to replacement components, transmissions, exhausts, and more, our experienced and certified mechanics can make your truck run so smoothly, you’ll forget it ever needed new parts in the first place. We only carry parts from trusted diesel brands, like Bully Dog, SCT, and MBRP Inc. Performance Exhaust. We won’t put anything in your truck if we’re not completely sure that it’s the right part for you – no frills, no unexpected and unnecessary extra pieces, and no nonsense. We’ll do what it takes to bring your truck up to speed with our diesel power products, and that’s a Goose guarantee.

We’re as serious about trucks as you are, and you’ll believe it when you see the results of our work. Don’t leave the truck that always has your back in the hands of just any automotive repair service. Bring it to Goose Maintenance, and we’ll make sure it has the best parts, every time. To find out more about how the right diesel power products can bring the best out of your truck, you can schedule an appointment, request a quote, or call us today.


Took my truck in to have LED driving lights installed. Goose was the only shop that would do them for me. Not only did I get my truck back sooner than expected the price was less than originally quoted! Very good workmanship and I’ll be back for Sure!

Steven Goerzen
Bonnyville ,Ab