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Diesel Performance Specialists


Diesel performance specialists or any diesel mechanic can tell you that not all engines are created equal. If they were, you wouldn’t be driving a diesel-powered truck. While both diesel and regular fuel work on some similar principles—internal combustion, turning latent chemical energy into mechanical energy—the fact is, a diesel engine is designed to give your truck the powerful edge it needs to haul serious cargo without breaking a sweat. Your truck is important to us, and it deserves treatment fit for a hero.

So when you need help fixing up your truck, you can’t just turn to any mechanic. You need a diesel mechanic who knows the nuances of how your engine works, and has experience working with high-powered engines and vehicles. When you bring your truck to Goose Maintenance, that’s what you get. Our diesel performance specialists know how to bring your truck back to 100 per cent.

Why would you trust one of the most valuable assets of your business to just any old mechanic? When you make an appointment with our diesel performance specialists, you’re not just choosing quality and experience. You’re choosing to put your vehicle in the hands of someone with the know-how to correctly diagnose a wide range of different problems both common and uncommon in diesel engines. You’re trusting a diesel mechanic who can fix it without the added costs of unnecessary extra parts and services. Ultimately, you’re choosing what’s best for your truck, and you’re choosing well when you choose Goose.

Our Bonnyville, Alberta-based automotive repair service centre is located in the heart of the province’s oil and gas industry. As a result, we have extensive experience servicing the high-performance vehicles that are the industry standard trusted by even the biggest fuel companies. When you need repairs or maintenance for your truck and nothing but the best will do, our diesel performance specialists at Goose Maintenance are there to give your vehicle the level of care it deserves! To find out more about what we can do for your truck, you can book an appointment with a diesel mechanic, request a quote, or call us today.


Called and talked to Tim. Needed a leveling kit and rear air bags with onboard compressor. He said they were running behind because the shipment came late (understandable), I needed the truck the next day. So like a champ, the boys stayed late and got the job done. The next day I bought a set of tires as well. Zero complaints, done faster than expected both work and parts. Thanks again. I’ll recommend any day of the week.

Mike Brennan