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In need of a mobile truck repair service?

mobileRepairHere’s the thing about a sudden vehicle breakdown: it doesn’t wait until you’re within reach of a quality
repair shop. In an ideal world, you’d have plenty of warning every time your car or truck was about to stop working. You’d be able to take it in to get fixed before the problem even began, and you’d never have to worry about being stranded. Unfortunately, while some problems come with warning signs, often, you won’t know what’s about to happen to your vehicle until it’s too late.

It’s a good thing then that Goose Maintenance offers mobile truck repair! Now, when you find yourself stranded on the highways in the Bonnyville, Alberta area, and you can’t come to the repair shop, the repair shop will come to you. Isn’t that a weight off your shoulders?

At Goose Maintenance, we know trucks, and we know that your truck isn’t just your set of wheels – it’s a part of your livelihood. It’s how you get to work every morning and go home every night. It’s an integral part of how you do your job, whether that means hauling supplies to a construction site or moving equipment for one of the dozens of local companies involved in Alberta’s world class oil and gas industry.

When you call on us for mobile truck repair service, you’re calling the experts who care as much about seeing your truck in motion again as you do, because we know downtime can cost you more money. Whether it’s providing small road-side repairs or coming into the repair shop for a complete overhaul, our experienced and dedicated mechanics sets us apart from the rest.

When you need to reduce costly downtime and get back to work, why would you trust anyone who wasn’t completely and totally dedicated to offering you the best service possible? When you’re stranded on the highway, call Goose Maintenance at +1 (780) 201-4476 and let our mobile truck repair service get your truck back in working order sooner.


GOOSE has great and flexible hours ;which makes it work with my busy schedule.  Quality work with explanations of what is going on with my vehicle in a language that I can understand. Would highly recomend!!

Matt Loree
Bonnyville ,Ab