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Vehicle Tune Up



Any vehicle worth driving is built to last, and built to handle the kind of driving it was intended for. But even the most well-built trucks and cars aren’t invulnerable to the effects of wear and tear, and sometimes you won’t see a problem until it’s too late. This is why a regular vehicle tune up is so important.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you’re subjecting your car to a host of environmental factors like dirt, water, mud, and rough terrain, as well as internal wear. To keep things running smoothly, the mechanics at Goose Maintenance recommend regular check-ups, whether you believe that your car or truck is in need or not. Sometimes a simple vehicle tune up is how you discover and fix a potential problem before it causes major damage to your vehicle. Even if there’s no immediate threat found, regularly scheduled maintenance can help you keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Do you know how often you should change your oil? For most vehicles, the oil should be changed every 5,000 kilometres. This is because oil breaks down in the engine and hinders its ability to lubricate your engine’s moving parts. For a good preventative maintenance schedule, we recommend coming in for a checkup every time your oil is due to be changed.



Along with your oil change, when you do your vehicle tune up with Goose, we’ll make sure everything else is up to snuff. This includes checking fluid levels, brake pads, and visual inspections, determining the condition of your tires, cabin air filter, battery, and everything else under the hood!

By being vigilant about your preventative maintenance schedule, and never hesitating to bring your vehicle to us at the first sign of trouble, it should continue to perform for years to come, saving you money down the line on extensive repairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s the truck you drive to the office in or the truck you haul supplies back and forth with, if it has an engine, we’ve got the tools for it! Start doing your vehicle tune ups with Goose and see what a difference regular maintenance can make.


Took my truck in to have LED driving lights installed. Goose was the only shop that would do them for me. Not only did I get my truck back sooner than expected the price was less than originally quoted! Very good workmanship and I’ll be back for Sure!

Steven Goerzen
Bonnyville ,Ab