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Drive a diesel? You already know that not all engines are created equal!

A diesel engine is designed to give your truck the powerful edge it needs to haul serious cargo without breaking a sweat. So when you need help fixing up your truck, you can’t turn to just any mechanic.

You need a diesel mechanic who knows how your engine works, and has experience working with high-powered engines and vehicles. When you bring your truck to GOOSE Maintenance, that’s what you get. Our diesel performance specialists know how to bring your truck back to 100%.

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How we help repair your diesel truck

Our Bonnyville, Alberta based auto repair service centre is located in the heart of the province’s oil and gas industry. Our skilled diesel mechanic technicians can efficiently diagnose, fix and improve the life of your rig. We know downtime is costly, and we've got your back.

Towing, hauling, onroad or offroad, our parts and service team knows exactly what you need to improve your diesel truck's performance and fuel economy.

Our team of diesel mechanics and performance specialists can help you with:

Improving Your Fuel

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Ensuring Your Vehicle is


Recommending Diesel
Parts to Enhance Your
Truck's Performance


Increasing Your Vehicle’s

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When you need repairs or maintenance for your truck and nothing but the best will do, our diesel performance specialists are here to give your vehicle the level of care it deserves! Your truck is important to us, and it deserves treatment fit for a hero.
Choose what’s best for your truck, choose GOOSE.