Preventative Maintenance

It's tune-up time

Does your vehicle need some TLC?

Tune-ups are an important part of owning a car or truck. From oil changes to checking your brakes to cleaning your fuel system - our vehicle tune-up services will keep you on the road longer.

Even the most well-built trucks and cars fall victim to the effects of wear and tear eventually, and sometimes you won’t see a problem until it’s too late.

Sometimes a simple vehicle tune-up is how you discover and fix a potential problem before it causes major damage to your vehicle (and your wallet).

Even if there’s no immediate threat to your truck or car found, regularly scheduled maintenance can help you keep your vehicle in the best shape possible - keeping it on the road for longer.

Not sure if you need a check up? It's best to get your vehicle checked over every 5,000 kilometres.

preventative maintenance

What's included in a tune-up?

It doesn’t matter if it’s the car you drive to the office or the truck you haul supplies up the country with, if it has an engine, we’ve got the tools for it!

Shape 950 (3)

fluid level check

Shape 689

oil change

Shape 688

Brake pad test

Shape 688 (1)

Cabin air filter

Shape 949 (2)

Tires check

Shape 688 (2)

visual inspections

Shape 688 (3)

battery check

Shape 949 (4)

... and more

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