What Is A Spark Plug?

What Is A Spark Plug?

An Automotive Technician Answers How Spark Plugs Work, and What to Do When They Break

Our vehicles are a miracle of technology that we rely on daily to get to and from work, as well as other day to day activities. So it is important for all vehicle owners to know how their vehicles work, and what to do when something goes wrong. Some issues are a quick fix and can be done from home, but more serious issues need the specialized care only received by a licensed automotive technician.

In order to know your vehicle a little better, you should get to know the vital pieces that make it work. The most important piece of your vehicle is the engine, and the engine simply will not work without a spark plug. A car full of gas is useless without a spark plug; the spark plug is basically your engine’s start button.  The spark plug is a little gadget that sits atop the pistons and sends an electrical charge between two metal prongs to create a spark. In order for fuel to work, it needs to be ignited by heat created through the spark, applying pressure to the pistons and voilà! Your car is started and ready to go.

The spark plug itself is made up of many small pieces that intricately fit together. Over time, natural wear and tear can weaken some or all of these little parts, causing different issues that ultimately render the plug useless until it is replaced or fixed.

In order to be repaired, the spark plug must be carefully removed to keep from damaging it further, or from damaging anything else under the hood. While there are many “handy-dandy” YouTube videos that will teach you how to extract a broken spark plug, it is a really bad idea to remove it yourself.

Automotive service technicians are professionally trained—and unless have received this training, you are not a professional automotive technician. You should never leave any repair up to chance (especially not something as crucial as the spark plug). Professionals know what to look for, and are held liable to ensure that your vehicle is in proper working condition once repairs have been made. When you bring your damaged vehicle to an automotive service technician, you know you’re driving away safe and sound.

We all love our cars and depend on them to make our lives easier. Get to know your car and how it works. Remember to always take your damaged vehicle to an automotive technician so it gets repaired properly. Doing this keeps you, your car, and fellow drivers on the road safe.